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Your Gutters Flowing Freely… For Good.

Cleaning your gutters is a dirty, dangerous job. Climbing a rickety ladder and scooping out gutter sludge every year? There are a million safer, more sanitary ways to spend a Sunday afternoon.

But with all the rain the Puget Sound area gets, NOT keeping your gutters flowing freely is NOT an option. Clogs can cause serious (and seriously expensive) water damage to your home.

That’s why Seattle, Kent, and Tacoma homeowners turn to Leafless In Seattle. We're an independently owned and local gutter protection company. We know northwestern Washington weather better than the big, national gutter guard corporations because we live it… 24/7/365.

It’s why we install MasterShield® gutter protection – the ONLY gutter protection engineered and proven to handle our region’s unique foliage and HEAVY rainfall. With MasterShield gutter protection on your home, you can say bye to rickety ladders and gutter sludge FOR GOOD. Guaranteed.

Ecstatic Customer Reviews

Happy Homeowners
Throughout Puget Sound

Charlemagne T.

Some businesses just impress. Then there are some that completely shine. I couldn't be happier with how on top of things Leafless in Seattle is. Within the first minute of talking to them I knew I was at the right place. I don't really know how, but they made my gutter experience fun!

John W.

I got three bids and this vendor had the best price and quality mix. The install team worked hard and got our fairly large job done in 1.5 days straight. I like the sturdiness of the product and I opted for the leaf covers.

Yuliya G.

A few of my neighbors used their services in the past so I could see the quality and the performance of their product over many years which proved to work great. Have done two projects with them and I am looking to the third onel They are reliable, credible, great quality and quick to respond. Highly recommended!

MasterShield® Gutter Protection

The Gutter Guard Equipped To Take On
Washington’s (In)famously Rainy Weather.

Patented Debris-Shedding Slope

Everything Rolls Right Off.

MasterShield’s patented slope matches the angle of your roof. Leaves, pine/fir needles, and debris roll right off. NEVER climb a ladder and clean them yourself.

Clog-Proof Copper Technology

Gutter Guard That Cleans Itself.

MasterShield’s mesh screen contains copper technology that breaks down algae, pollen, and moss. It’s a scientific breakthrough… exclusive to MasterShield!

ZERO Plastic

MasterShield Is Pure METAL.

MasterShield is aluminum, just like your gutters! Unlike plastic covers, it won’t warp or break down due to exposure to the elements. You get gutter protection that lasts for LIFE.

Handles The Heaviest Rains

Overflow? Not A Chance.

MasterShield features HydroVortex Action to handle hurricane-level rains. This system pulls water directly through the micromesh and ensures NO overflow.

No-Clog Money-Back Guarantee

Welcome To TRUE Peace Of Mind.

If MasterShield ever clogs, we replace it for free or refund your money (your choice). It’s the industry’s only No-Clog Money-Back Guarantee.

Choose Your Service

When It Rains, We Shine.


Gutter Protection

We’re an exclusive installer of MasterShield, the only gutter cover with a patented debris-shedding slope, self-cleaning technology, and No-Clog Money-Back Guarantee.


Gutter Installation

We don’t do cheap, flimsy gutter systems. Our gutters are double coated with baked-on enamel finish for TRUE anti-rust protection. Our special installation methods also LOCK your gutters in place.

Rain Water

Rain Water Harvesting

Here in the Puget Sound area, we get more than our fair share of rain. So why not get some use out of it? Help the environment AND your wallet with one of our rain harvesting systems.

Why Us

Why Choose Leafless In Seattle?

Superior Products

We believe in using the right materials, products, and tools for the job – NO EXCEPTIONS. Down to the screws we use, every material is top of the line.

Precision Installation

Even the best gutter products fail if they’re not installed correctly. At Leafless In Seattle, absolute precision is central to our installation process.

Stress-Free Experience

Having any kind of work done on your home can be stressful. We bend over backward to provide you with a stress-free experience… from start to finish.

A Company You Can TRUST

We know the kind of reputation contractors have. That’s why we invite you to explore OUR reputation and see why we’re a company you can truly trust.

“The only company I have seen that has clear responses to the weather and fir/pine needles and moss that we have in the NW. [MasterShield is] BY FAR the best product on the market.”

-Kevin D.

“I did a lot of research and the MasterShield product was the only product that addressed all my concerns: in particular, self cleaning, pine needles, and shingle grit.”

-Brandon & Jennifer From Enumclaw

“My compliments to the crew. Top notch in prep, the work, and clean up. Our house is tall and difficult, and these guys worked through some really rough rainy weather. We used to know it was raining by the waterfall sounds of overflowing gutters. Now we hear silence.”


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