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The Story Of Leafless In Seattle: A Gutter Protection
Company SPECIFICALLY For Puget Sound

We Tried Them All, But We Discovered MasterShield
Was Nearly Always The Best Gutter Guard For The Seattle Area.

Most of us here at Leafless In Seattle have been working on gutters and roofs in Puget Sound for years. Eventually, seeing the need for a top-notch gutter protection company in our area, we seized the opportunity and set out to be the best. We had the people, the motivation, and the know-how.

There was one issue, though. We hadn’t found the PERFECT gutter guard system yet. Even if they prevented your gutters from getting clogged, many of them still caused debris to pile up on top of them. It sort of solved the problem, but something still seemed like it was missing.

After years of working with gutters throughout the Pacific Northwest, we kept encountering this same problem. Finally, after a lot of trial and error and many years on the job, we discovered MasterShield, and it has proven to be our favorite gutter protection product…by FAR.

Here’s why:

What Were The Problems With Other Gutter Guards?

As we mentioned, a lot of the other brands of gutter protection products succeeded in keeping debris out of the gutters, but the guards themselves would clog and create a MOUNTAIN of debris. It wasn’t always the end of the world, but it meant you DID, in fact, have to clean your gutter guards regularly for them to do ANY good.

It wasn’t that these products were necessarily ineffective, but they required so much cleaning and maintenance that they hardly seemed worth it in the long run. We wanted something that would keep your gutters healthy for years, without you having to do ANYTHING.

What Was So Different About MasterShield?

mastershield black gutter protection micromesh leafless in seattle

MasterShield gutter guards are designed to fit onto a sloping roof, WITHOUT creating a shelf for debris to accumulate on. This was the fatal flaw of so many other gutter protection products we came into contact with.

As long as it is installed on a sloping roof, MasterShield will prevent your gutters from clogging, AND it will prevent buildup on top of your gutters. Instead of piling up, the debris rolls to the ground on its own. You literally don’t have to do a thing.

It’s the one way to avoid having to EVER clean your gutters again.

One more thing: MasterShield systems are designed with a micromesh copper filter that prevents algae buildup. That means no clogs, no algae, no mold growth. You won’t get that with ANY other gutter protection system.

mastershield gutter cover system copper micromesh system leafless in seattle

Our Relationship With MasterShield

We started Leafless in Seattle because we refused to sell or install any system that doesn’t work. Puget Sound’s abundant fir trees meant we needed a gutter guard system that would go above-and-beyond to block the kind of debris that is specific to this region.

We spent countless hours researching every gutter protection system on the market. We even installed each one as an experiment to see how it held up to the elements.

Guess what? Every one of them failed after just one season – sometimes quicker!

Every gutter protection system works…when it’s brand new. You can only truly judge whether it works after it has been on your for at least a year.

That’s how we came to respect MasterShield. It was the ONLY product we tested that worked and continued to work season after season.

We’ve done all the research already, and the conclusion is simple: Alex Higginbotham’s MasterShield is the best gutter guard at keeping pine, fir, seeds, and grit out of your gutters. It simply works…period.

Their Product, Our Reputation

We are Puget Sound’s EXCLUSIVE installer of MasterShield gutter guards, which are designed and manufactured right here in the USA. What’s more, they’ve been tested and perfected to ensure they are the ABSOLUTE best gutter protection option on the market.

To give you a little extra peace of mind, MasterShield offers a No-Clog 100% Money-Back Warranty on all of their gutter guards. This warranty comes directly from the manufacturer and is transferable if you decide to sell your home.

Here’s what to expect when you choose Leafless In Seattle as your certified MasterShield contractor:

  • In-depth and accessible information about each and every product we offer.
  • ZERO marketing gimmicks – just the absolute facts!
  • No sales pressure…ever. We can’t stand the sleazy sales approach.
  • No long sales presentations – you’ll get a free estimate the same day!
  • No pricing games or specials – we always offer the best price possible!
  • A personal commitment to treating each and every homeowner with respect.

Gutter Issues? No Problem.

If you think you need gutter protection or even new gutters, we would be honored to help. Just give us a call at 1-800-503-7597 or schedule an appointment with us online.

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