3 Reasons MasterShield Is Seattle’s Best Gutter Guard

November 24, 2022

3 Reasons MasterShield Is Puget Sound’s PERFECT Gutter Protection System

We’ve Seen Them All, But No Other Gutter Guards In The Seattle Metro Hold A Candle To MasterShield

Here at Leafless In Seattle, gutters and gutter protection are all we think about, and we have tried EVERY gutter guard on the market.  Trial and error have led us to one clear conclusion: MasterShield is simply the ideal gutter guard system for the vast majority of Puget Sound homes.

While there are many reasons for its status as the most effective, high-value gutter protection product for the Seattle area, we have decided to boil them down for your convenience into the three biggest reasons MasterShield is #1:

MasterShield Is Specially Designed For Puget Sound’s Climate & Vegetation

Puget Sound’s weather and plant life are beautiful…some of the time. But they can also be a LOT for your roof and gutter system to handle. That’s why we recommend investing in gutter guards that are designed for our climate.

In an area that gets THIS much rain, you need to have a healthy gutter system–not clogged gutters operating at diminished capacity.  MasterShield is designed to prevent even fine plant debris, like fir and other evergreen needles from getting stuck.

Other gutter guard products are designed with leaves in mind, which can be blocked out more easily. Some have holes as large as dimes, which can fill up with needles leaving your gutters clogged in no time.

The other gutter guard concern in areas with this much rain is algae. Algae can begin to build up in your gutter guards, which is why MasterShield includes a copper mesh filter to stop the development of algae in the first place. Your roof may still get mossy, but your gutter guards will stay algae-free.

For Sloping Roofs (At The Proper Angle) MasterShield Is Self-Cleaning

Another reason Puget Sound homeowners are so satisfied with MasterShield is the fact that it requires NO cleaning. As long as your roof has a standard 45-degree slope, debris will literally roll right off your gutters, so you will NEVER have to clean them.

Between the copper mesh preventing algae buildup and the geometric design of the MasterShield system, you will forever be spared the hassle, stress, and potential danger of having to clean your own gutters.  Imagine the weight off your shoulders, to NEVER have to stress about your gutters again.  It’s yet another reason we love MasterShield.

MasterShield Is Guaranteed For The Lifespan Of Your Gutters

Finally, if a self-cleaning gutter guard system DESIGNED for Puget Sound was not enough, MasterShield guarantees their product for the lifespan of your gutter system.  And, as MasterShield’s EXCLUSIVE authorized installer in the Seattle metro, we are able to proudly offer their Lifetime No-Clog Guarantee.

With that ironclad promise from MasterShield and Leafless In Seattle, you can rest assured you will not have to worry about clogged gutters for the entire time you have them.  We want you to have complete and utter peace of mind that your gutter system is doing its job and protecting your home from water damage.

MasterShield knows how great their product is, and they have trust in our painstakingly precise installation standards.  We hope you will trust us to take care of your home’s gutter needs.

Gutter Issues? No Problem.

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