Gutter Guards Case Study: Replacing LeafFilter With MasterShield Gutter Guard In Bothell, WA

June 12, 2022
Case Study

The Challenge

The owners originally had LeafFilter’s gutter guard installed because they saw it was rated number one by a consumer rating agency, but as you can see from these photos…it fails, epically. All the debris simply sits on top, blocking the filter and causing water to cascade right over the edge. Is the gutter TECHNICALLY not clogged? Is it TECHNICALLY not failing according to their performance guarantee?

The Solution

To fix this, we had to completely start over. We removed and recycled the LeafFilter gutter guard, cleaned out the gutters, and then installed MasterShield gutter protection (which actually works for fir needles). We were thankfully able to salvage the gutters after simply reworking them, and now this nice customer has what she thought she was buying the first time around: gutters she doesn’t have to go up and sweep off.

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