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August 22, 2023
Clogged, Failing Corner Of A LeafFilter Gutter Guard System MasterShield Gutter Protection System Corner

Leafless In Seattle STRONGLY Recommends MasterShield Over LeafFilter

A Recent Class Action Lawsuit Shows Why High-Quality Materials And Precision Engineering Are CRUCIAL For Your Gutter Guards.

By Zoe Wood, Owner

If you follow Puget Sound gutter guard news–you may have noticed a class action lawsuit against LeafFilter for water damage caused by their gutter protection systems.

Since they are one of our closest competitors in the gutter space, we decided to address why their systems failed and how MasterShield gutter guards are DIFFERENT.

What Happened With LeafFilter

LeafFilter settled a class action lawsuit claiming their product failed to prevent substantial amounts of water from passing through their gutter system. (The less lawyer-ish way of saying this is that their gutter guards were BLOCKING the water from going into the gutter.)

Like LeafFilter, MasterShield comes with a micromesh filter to keep out debris, but the key differences are the materials and the unique sloping design.  MasterShield’s mesh filter has COPPER!  The copper works as an antimicrobial to eliminate mold and algae buildup.

While the micromesh design of LeafFilter is similar to the design of MasterShield, their materials are not.  LeafFilter has a plastic base, while MasterShield’s is made from aluminum.

For LeafFilter systems in question, rapid temperature changes also created gaps between the gutter guards and the gutter, which debris could EASILY pass through.

When left unrepaired, this can lead to extensive water damage.

MasterShield manufactures the base of their gutter guards out of aluminum–the same aluminum used in your gutters.  This makes the entire system expand and contract at the same rate, preventing gaps and leakage.

Why MasterShield Is Different

As we mentioned, MasterShield gutter protection systems are designed differently than other gutter guards available in Puget Sound.

As for the design, it all comes down to the angle.  On a horizontal gutter guard, the entire system forms a shelf where debris can accumulate. Why is this bad? It causes algae to grow on the micromesh, clogging it.

So, instead of installing their gutter guards horizontally–the way pretty much every other gutter protection system works–MasterShield is meant to be installed at the exact same slope as your roof.

This is critical because it enables evergreen needles and other debris to safely roll off your roof to the ground below.

Without this key feature, MasterShield would not be able to offer its signature Lifetime No-Clog Guarantee.

These little details are the difference between an “okay” gutter guard system and one that is PERFECT for Puget Sound’s climate.

If You Picked LeafFilter And Are Having Some Doubts, It May Not Be Too Late To Cancel The Work.

Please Read Carefully As These Have Links To Sensitive Information That May Pertain To You:

Did you know that Leaf Filter Just Settled a class action LAWSUIT? Hey, don’t take our word for it. It’s public information:  LeafFilter Lawsuit Information.

This lawsuit will not benefit you as a client after the settlement, but even if it did, you wouldn’t miss out on much.

Previously disadvantaged homeowners received minimal compensation for a system that caused a lifetime of problems. 

Click Here to read the 2,216 complaints listed on the Better Business Bureau.

Click Here to see its performance compared to other Gutter Guards by a customer just like you who decided to check out all the systems!

If you are still not convinced, we invite you to view this video made by a LeafFilter client.

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