MasterShield Vs. Gutter Helmet

MasterShield Vs. Gutter Helmet:
Gutter Protection Comparison Guide

Which Gutter Guard Is Better For Puget Sound Homes?
Let’s Take A Look…

“MasterShield or Gutter Helmet? Gutter Helmet or MasterShield?” It’s something many Puget Sound homeowners ask themselves when researching gutter protection systems. After all, Gutter Helmet is a reverse-curve gutter cover, which operates very differently from MasterShield’s micromesh system.

So, which type of gutter guard works best for OUR region? Let’s compare MasterShield and Gutter Helmet to find out.

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MasterShield Vs. Gutter Helmet: System Type

Gutter Helmet System: Reverse Curve

Gutter Helmet, similar to LeafGuard, is a reverse-curve gutter cover. That means the top of the system is solid, so no debris can enter from directly above.

reverse curve nose gutter guard protection system

This is what a reverse-curve gutter guard looks like.

Reverse-curve gutter protection like Gutter Helmet works like this: when water hits the cover, it turns into droplets. Gravity then pushes the droplets down around the nose of the gutter guard and into the gutters.

It’s a neat, scientific approach to gutter protection. But does it WORK? You’ll find out in the following sections.

MasterShield System: Sloped Micromesh

MasterShield is a micromesh system, so it operates much differently from Gutter Helmet. The mesh screen allows in water directly from the top of the cover, while the screen itself keeps the pesky leaves, dirt, and needles out.

mastershield gutter protection system terratone brown color leafless in seattle

MasterShield is a sloped micromesh gutter guard.

MasterShield isn’t the only micromesh gutter guard out there. It does, however, have exclusive features that eliminate issues common in other micromesh systems.

Bottom line: MasterShield and Gutter Helmet are very different types of gutter protection. So, which system handles Puget Sound rainfall better?

Let’s take a look…

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MasterShield Vs. Gutter Helmet: Managing Water

Gutter Helmet: Water Management

Reverse-curve systems like Gutter Helmet work well… but only in controlled settings.

The reverse-curve design is interesting technology. Utilizing gravity and water tension is unique and “outside the box.” But the concept has a fatal flaw…

If you break the water tension on the cover, the system won’t work. Instead of flowing around the gutter guard’s nose and into your gutters, water will spill over the side of the cover.

How is water tension broken? If rainfall is too heavy. Reverse-curve systems just can’t keep up during substantial downpours. And since Washington is (in)famous for its heavy rain, a reverse-curve system on a Puget Sound home like yours can cause BIG problems.

Watch this quick video and notice the sludge oozing from the side of the gutters. It will give you an idea of how reverse-curve systems like Gutter Helmet fail to handle the Puget Sound climate.

Something to remember: Gutter Helmet’s no-clog warranty does not cover water overflow from heavy rains. That means if water is spilling and pooling on the ground around your home, you’re on your own. You can find out more about that in the Warranty section.

Gutter Helmet: Water Management

As mentioned, MasterShield is a micromesh gutter guard. The screen is made with a 316 surgical-grade stainless steel microfilter that lets in water—and NOTHING else.

Watch this video to see how MasterShield is capable of handling Washington’s wettest weather—while keeping debris OUT:

Since water enters your gutters directly from the top of MasterShield, there’s no need to worry about broken surface tension. MasterShield swallows up the water as soon as rain hits the screen. It also utilizes exclusive HydroVortex technology, which actually siphons water into strategically placed filters.

MasterShield also contains a special drip-edge system. This stops water from spilling over the system and creating ugly streaks (a.k.a. “tiger stripes”) on your gutters. It’s a great feature to keep your home’s curb appeal high… without any extra maintenance.

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MasterShield Vs. Gutter Helmet: Clog Protection

Gutter Helmet: Clog Protection

On paper, a reverse-curve gutter cover sounds like an excellent system to keep your gutters clog-free.

In the real world? Not so much.

Again, the issue has to do with water tension. Small, lightweight debris like fir needles get swept up by the flowing water and go straight into your gutters.

Here’s another way to look at it…

Imagine that you’re whitewater rafting. You fall out of the raft and get swept away by the heavy current. That’s basically what happens to a fir needle when it gets caught in Gutter Helmet’s “current.”

Here’s a quick clip showing how reverse-curve technology pulls debris into your gutters:

This water-tension issue is how you end up with clogs like this…

gutter helmet clog in seattle from reverse curve technology

MasterShield is a sloped micromesh gutter guard.

And disasters like this…

gutter helmet so full of debris it pulled away from home

Gutters so stuffed they’re pulling away from the home.

The other problem with reverse-curve systems? If there’s too little rainfall, there isn’t enough force to push debris off the system. This can result in pileups and debris getting stuck in front of the gutter guard’s opening.

Here’s an example:

gutter helmet traps debris on top and inside rots the barge ends and clogs gutter

It’s the ultimate catch-22. If you have rainfall, it will feed debris into your gutters… but if you DON’T have rainfall, the debris can’t be removed!

MasterShield: Clog Protection

To be fair to reverse-curve systems, micromesh systems can also have a hard time shedding debris. This is for two reasons:

1) Most micromesh systems lay flat on gutters, which creates a “shelf” effect

2) The small holes of the mesh screen can become clogged with dirt and roof oil

Fortunately, MasterShield solves both of these issues.

First, it’s the only micromesh gutter protection system that’s installed on a patented slope. This lets MasterShield match the angle of your roof, allowing debris to roll right off even in light winds. Exclusive LeafRelease™ technology further increases debris-shedding ability by allowing foliage to dry up and blow away more quickly.

Second, MasterShield is the only gutter guard that contains copper wiring in its mesh screen. Copper attacks and removes the microorganisms, dirt, and oil that clog the average mesh system.

mastershield black gutter protection micromesh leafless in seattle

The result of MasterShield’s innovative clog-prevention technology? Nothing but water can penetrate it—not even annoying fir needles.

mastershield gutter guard fir needle seattle washington foliage

Not even the thinnest fir needle can get by MasterShield.

Bottom line: NO debris buildup… NO clogs… NO exceptions.

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MasterShield Vs. Gutter Helmet: Installation

Gutter Helmet: Installation

Unlike its fellow reverse-curve gutter cover, LeafGuard, Gutter Helmet is not a complete gutter system. It’s a hood-like cover that fits over your existing gutters. This makes Gutter Helmet less expensive than LeafGuard… but the way Gutter Helmet is installed can create a few problems.

First, Gutter Helmet is mounted with a grated drain when it’s installed on corners. (You can see this drain in the first image of this article under “System Type.”) Wet foliage can get stuck and accumulate over the drain, which can cause water and debris to cascade over the system.

Here’s an example:

gutter helmet corner clog from debris accumulation

Debris accumulating at the corner of Gutter Helmet.

The other big installation issue with Gutter Helmet is that it can change the angle of your roof at the gutter line. Gutter Helmet has to be installed on a very specific slope—and if your roof is not in that sweet spot (many aren’t), it can result in flattened shingles like this:

broken gutters altered roofline gutter helmet

Altered roofline due to Gutter Helmet installation.

Gutter Helmet is installed under the first row of a roof’s shingles, which makes it tough to install on homes with specialty roofs such as slate, tile, wood shake, and some types of metal. Since these materials aren’t bendable like asphalt shingles, the contractor has to pry them up with a crowbar. Not good!

MasterShield: Installation

Like Gutter Helmet, MasterShield is a stand-alone gutter protection system. That means it can be installed right over your existing gutters, or on any new gutters you’ve invested in.

Since MasterShield is installed at the same angle as your roof, you don’t have to worry about “flat shingles” above the gutter line. And with MasterShield’s special “floating” installation process, the system can be installed on homes with practically any type of roof—tile, slate, shake, and metal included!

Plus, MasterShield will not affect your roof’s warranty. Four of the biggest shingle manufacturers (GAF, CertainTeed, Owens Corning, and IKO) have stated in writing that MasterShield is compatible with their roofing systems:

Owens Corning Roofing & MasterShield

mastershield gutter cover owens corning roof installation manufacturer letter

CertainTeed Roofing & MasterShield

mastershield gutter protection installation certainteed roof manufacturer letter

GAF Roofing & MasterShield

mastershield gutter protection system installation gaf roof shingle manufacturer letter

IKO Roofing & MasterShield

mastershield gutter cover system installation iko roof shingle manufacturer letter

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MasterShield Vs. Gutter Helmet: Product Warranty

Gutter Helmet: Warranty

Gutter Helmet advertises a Triple Lifetime Warranty. This includes the following:

1. No chipping, cracking, peeling, or fading

2. Clog-free gutters

3. Transferability to the next homeowner

Like most gutter guards, Gutter Helmet’s “no-clog guarantee” doesn’t technically mean you’ll never experience a clog. It means that if you do experience a clog due to Gutter Helmet’s performance, the company will come out and clean the clog for free.

MasterShield: Warranty

MasterShield also comes with a lifetime warranty against chipping, cracking, peeling, and fading. And like Gutter Helmet, MasterShield’s lifetime warranty is fully transferable to the next homeowner.

The big difference is MasterShield’s No-Clog Guarantee. If your gutters clog due to MasterShield’s performance, you get more than a free cleaning. You receive your choice of a replacement system or a full refund of the product cost… PLUS, you’ll be refunded your insurance deductible up to $1,500 if the clog results in damage claimable on your homeowner’s insurance policy!

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