MasterShield Vs. GutterDome & Gutterglove

MasterShield Vs. GutterDome & Gutterglove:
Gutter Guard Comparison Guide

Which Micromesh Gutter Cover Is Best For
Puget Sound Homes? Let’s Find Out…

We’ll be honest: as a Puget Sound homeowner, you’ve got A LOT of micromesh gutter-guard options to choose from. LeafFilter. GutterDome. Gutterglove. The list goes on and on.

So why pick MasterShield over the rest to protect your gutters? It’s simple…

All gutter protection is NOT made equal.

We compared MasterShield and LeafFilter in another article . In that battle, MasterShield was the hands-down winner.

Now let’s pit MasterShield against two other popular micromesh gutter covers: GutterDome and Gutterglove.

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System Type

GutterDome And Gutterglove

We’ve grouped GutterDome and Gutterglove together because they’re so similar. They’re both micromesh systems. They’re both made with metal casings (unlike LeafFilter, which is plastic). And they both operate essentially the same way.

Something important to know: Unlike MasterShield and LeafFilter, Gutterglove and GutterDome weren’t developed by “gutter guard godfather” Alex Higginbotham. Long story short, Gutterglove “borrowed” LeafFilter’s design… and then GutterDome “borrowed” Gutterglove’s design.

The big differences between Gutterglove and GutterDome are mainly…

A) GutterDome is a bit cheaper than Gutterglove

B) GutterDome has a small bump in its mesh screen (hence the name “Dome”)

gutterdome vs gutterglove micromesh gutter cover flat versus bump screen

Gutterglove (left) and GutterDome (right).

In the following sections, we’ll reveal how each of these gutter covers performs. Right now, let’s introduce MasterShield.


MasterShield is also a micromesh gutter protection system. The micromesh screen lets in water while keeping out leaves, fir needles, and other debris.

Royal Brown Gutter Guard MasterShield Leafless In Seattle

MasterShield gutter protection in Royal Brown.

While MasterShield shares traits with Gutterglove and GutterDome, it was created to solve common problems with other micromesh gutter guards—FOR GOOD.

The rest of this article will show you exactly how.

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Clog Protection

GutterDome And Gutterglove Clog Protection

How well do GutterDome and Gutterglove protect your gutters from clogs? Let’s look at each gutter guard’s features to find out…

Metal Beats Plastic

GutterDome and Gutterglove both have metal casings with anti-corrosion protection. This gives them superior durability to plastic gutter guards like LeafFilter. Expansion, contraction, and warping? They’re non-issues.

Companies that manufacture plastic gutter guards will tell you that metal gutter guards rust. Don’t believe them.

Pretty much all metal gutter covers come with anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation coatings. Even after years of weather exposure, the metal won’t rust.

How Shape Affects Clog Protection

This is where both Gutterglove and GutterDome stumble.

As mentioned earlier, Gutterglove’s screen is flat, while GutterDome’s screen has a small bump designed to break water tension. This causes debris to pile up on each gutter cover differently.

gutterdome vs gutterglove micromesh gutter guard comparison

Example of how Gutterglove (left) and GutterDome (right) handle debris.

As you can see from the image, debris builds up more on the FRONT of Gutterglove and the BACK of GutterDome.


  • While Gutterglove can be installed on a slope, it still lies mostly horizontal. This creates a “shelf effect” that allows debris to pile up evenly over the screen.
  • Debris has a hard time “climbing over” the hump in GutterDome’s screen. Instead of being evenly dispersed on the screen, debris gets walled in at the edge of the roof.

Bottom line: Both gutter covers do a good job of keeping debris out of your actual gutters. They can, however, have a hard time shedding debris from their screens.

Gunk Buildup In The Micromesh

Over time, micromesh screens can plug up with shingle grit, roof oil, and dirt particles. This prevents water from entering your gutters, which can lead to algae and mildew.

gutterglove gutter protection system clogged corner

Algae, mud, and debris buildup on Gutterglove.

This is because of how small the holes in the micromesh are. Those tiny spaces are prime real estate for all kinds of grime and microorganisms. It’s why plugged screens have always been the Achilles’ heel of micromesh systems.

Then in 2020, MasterShield solved the issue for GOOD. See the following section to find out how.

MasterShield Clog Protection

MasterShield has all of the clog-protection benefits of its micromesh competitors… while eliminating the problems.

MasterShield has the anti-rust, anti-corrosive metal casing. It has the surgical-grade stainless steel micromesh that keeps the smallest foliage out. And it has the following exclusive features that make it the most clog-proof gutter cover on the market…

Patented Pitch

While Gutterglove and GutterDome can be installed at an angle, they can’t match the versatility of MasterShield’s patented slope. MasterShield can perfectly match virtually any pitch. This means MasterShield acts as a true extension of your roof, shedding foliage and debris better than any gutter guard on the market.

But what about wet foliage? A wet leaf is a sticky leaf… and a sticky leaf clings to any surface it touches.

MasterShield uses exclusive LeafRelease™ technology to “unstick” soggy foliage. LeafRelease is a special micro-filtration system that allows wet leaves clinging to MasterShield to dry and blow away faster.

Vertical Water Filtration

MasterShield is the first and only gutter cover that filters water vertically. Patented HydroVortex technology siphons water from the screen… and actually pulls the water into your gutters!

You can see HydroVortex in action at the 20-second mark of this brief video:

Bottom line: MasterShield handles even the heaviest downpours faster and more efficiently than any other gutter guard. End. Of. Story.

Self-Cleaning Micromesh Screen

The great thing about MasterShield is that it regularly evolves to keep up with the needs of homeowners. A fantastic example is self-cleaning copper technology introduced in 2020.

MasterShield Self Cleaning Copper Gutter Guard Puget Sound

MasterShield self-cleans with copper technology!

Copper attacks the oils, dirt, and organisms that can plug a micromesh screen. Not even algae, mold, and mildew can grow—the copper strips in MasterShield’s screen break them down at the molecular level.

This solves the screen-clogging issue that has plagued micromesh gutter guards for decades. It also keeps YOU from having to climb a ladder to unplug the screen manually.

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GutterDome And Gutterglove Installation

GutterDome and Gutterglove have identical installation methods. They’re standalone gutter guards, so you don’t need to replace your existing gutters. Both systems are also installed between your roof’s starter shingles and the first row of your main shingles.

GutterDome and Gutterglove utilize “floating” installation. They’re installed between your shingles WITHOUT screws, and the weight of your roof locks the system in place. This keeps your roof’s warranty intact.

MasterShield Installation

MasterShield is installed similarly to GutterDome and Gutterglove:

  • Like GutterDome and Gutterglove, MasterShield is a stand-alone gutter guard. It’s installed over your existing gutters or any new gutters you decide to buy.
  • MasterShield is installed without screws between the starter shingles and first row of main shingles.
  • MasterShield keeps your roof’s warranty 100% intact.

Understandably, homeowners worry about gutter protection voiding their roof’s warranty. That’s why MasterShield got four of the biggest roofing manufacturers to go on record and state that MasterShield gutter protection is fully compatible with their roofing systems:

Owens Corning Roofing

mastershield gutter cover owens corning roof installation manufacturer letter

CertainTeed Roofing

mastershield gutter protection installation certainteed roof manufacturer letter

GAF Roofing

mastershield gutter protection system installation gaf roof shingle manufacturer letter

IKO Roofing

mastershield gutter cover system installation iko roof shingle manufacturer letter

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GutterDome And Gutterglove Warranty

GutterDome comes with a limited 30-year transferable warranty on parts and finish, while Gutterglove has a 40-year limited transferable parts warranty. Gutterglove also includes the following stipulation: If you live within five miles of the coast, your warranty coverage is reduced to just 10 years.

GutterDome and Gutterglove do not offer no-clog guarantees. That’s pretty rare in the gutter protection industry. It’s also telling.

Most gutter guards—including many not-so-great ones—have some sort of no-clog guarantee. Even if that guarantee is “When your gutter guard plugs up, we’ll clean it,” there is typically some kind of anti-clog protection.

But GutterDome and Gutterglove? It seems they don’t want to make you that promise.

MasterShield Warranty

MasterShield boasts a Limited Lifetime Warranty on parts and finish. This states that MasterShield will be A) free from defects in material and workmanship in the course of manufacture, and B) that the finish on the MasterShield™ Gutter Protection system will not crack, chip, or blister under normal usage.

Where MasterShield thumps Gutterglove and GutterDome, though, is its Lifetime No-Clog Guarantee:

1) If your gutters EVER clog due to MasterShield’s performance, your system will be replaced for free… or you’ll be provided a 100% refund of the product cost.

2) If a MasterShield-caused clog damages your home in a way that’s claimable on your homeowner’s insurance policy, you’ll be refunded your insurance deductible up to $1,500.

MasterShield’s Limited Lifetime Warranty and Lifetime No-Clog Guarantee fully transfer to the next homeowner. That’s peace of mind for you and the next owner of the home if you decide to sell.

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