MasterShield Vs. Valor Gutter Guard

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How MasterShield Stacks Up Against
Valor Gutter Guard

Here Are The Cold Hard Facts About Valor Gutter Guard.

Valor is one of several brands of gutter guards being sold by competitors all around Puget Sound. While it may sound like a brand that can inspire confidence, our experience is that Valor Gutter Guards are nowhere NEAR as effective and maintenance-free as MasterShield Gutter Guards.

Wrong Type Of Mesh Filter

Many gutter protection systems use a micromesh filter, but Valor goes in the opposite direction with a very WIDE mesh. Their stance is that it’s okay if some small stuff gets into the gutter because that certainly won’t be enough to clog it.

WRONG! Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves, but as gutter protection experts we know that to be dead wrong. Particularly in the Pacific Northwest, evergreen needles and other debris can be very small and dense. Without a proper mesh filter, your gutter protection won’t do any good.

Design: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Valor claims that other designs lack that wavy “S” pattern, which IS very important since that pattern breaks up the water’s surface tension better. Without that, water doesn’t even go into the gutter. It skates right on down those square holes and off the edge of the roof. In this way, their system IS effective.

Valor uses a painted steel frame with an interior-grade stainless steel screen. It is the type made for kitchens and hospitals, NOT corrosive exterior environments. It’s a lot cheaper than the higher-grade stainless steel, but it just doesn’t hold up to the elements, particularly if it is exposed to acid rain or other corrosive situations.

Like LeafFilter and many other types of gutter protection, Valor must be installed at a nearly flat angle. This is a BIG problem because a gutter guard installed at a horizontal angle just forms a shelf for the water.

Here you can see their own example photo, pristine and clean:

tacoma gutter protection

And you can see how well that works here:

valor gutter guards

This is a good example because it shows a couple of important things. In this image, it shows how the roof naturally sheds debris and how Valor actually does a great job of catching it.

The problem is, it’s not coming off your roof. It’s just going to sit up there until someone gets up on a ladder and takes it off manually. We don’t like cleaning gutters, which is why MasterShield has a No-Clog Guarantee. The system does the work, so YOU don’t have to.

clogged gutter corner in Seattle

In this image, it shows how the Valor Gutter Guard system works in a corner. If you can’t tell, it works VERY poorly (to say the least).

As we mentioned before, small debris absolutely CAN clog your gutters, and the larger debris will begin to collect on top after that. You can be almost certain that the wood shakes you can see in the corner have begun to rot from the underside. This is because it’s trapping all the debris right at the roof edge. As it piles up, it will actually divert water back under the roof.

This is a bad situation, and to make it worse, you wouldn’t even know because, in a technical sense, the gutters aren’t clogged!

Gutter Issues? No Problem.

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