Rain Harvesting Rebates

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You Can Save Water & Money With A Rain
Harvesting Rebate In Puget Sound

Learn How Your Rainwater Harvesting System May Qualify You
For A Rebate Worth THOUSANDS Of Dollars.

Rainwater harvesting makes perfect sense in Puget Sound. We get MORE than enough rainfall during our rainy season to keep your garden watered all year long. Letting it all drain onto the ground can actually be harmful to local waterways and wildlife by causing rainwater to overflow our sewer system into natural areas.

That’s why the City of Seattle and King County have come together to offer the RainWise rebate system for qualifying homeowners who decide to update their homes with rainwater harvesting systems.

It helps the community and the environment, AND it saves you money. It’s an all-around great deal!

How Do I Know If I Qualify For A RainWise Rebate?

If you are a Seattle area homeowner who does not already have an updated runoff system, you will likely qualify.

The RainWise rebates are offered by both King County and the City of Seattle, so you do not have to live in the city proper to take advantage of their substantial rebates.

The only way to know for sure, though, is to enter your address on the RainWise website.

During your next gutter health inspection, Leafless In Seattle would be happy to set your home up with an eco-friendly and wallet-friendly rain harvesting system.

If we’re already there to replace your gutters or upgrade your gutter guards with MasterShield, you might as well take the opportunity to add a rain cistern.

MasterShield keeps your gutters and cisterns maintenance-free. Going green with Leafless In Seattle has never felt so good! Picture watering your garden for free, for life!

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What Are The Benefits Of Rain Harvesting?

While it is not recommended to drink water that is harvested from your rain cistern, you can use it to wash clothes or water your lawn and garden.

Over the course of a year, this alone can save quite a bit of water–and MONEY.

The other major benefit is to the environment.

Even with the highest-quality gutter guards and the 100% debris-free gutters that go along with them, Puget Sound simply gets WAY too much rain…all at once. Our topsoil simply can’t absorb it all!

Once the ground is essentially “full,” the rest of the water drains downhill until it hits a sewer, basin, or body of water. When there’s too much rainfall, this can cause streams to overflow and can even carry pollutants to vital waterways.

So, a rain cistern can give the soil a much-needed respite–not to mention your water bill.

Rain Harvesting Rebate FAQs:

1. How Much Will My RainWise Rebate Be?

The average RainWise rebate is $4,200, but the exact amount will depend on your home and situation.

2. Will The Rebate Cover The Full Cost Of My Rain Cistern?

The exact percentage will vary, but the rebate typically covers anywhere from 50-100% of the entire project.

3. How Big Does My Roof Need To Be To Qualify For A RainWise Rebate?

You must capture at least 400 square feet of roof space in order to qualify for the RainWise rebate. Most Puget Sound homes can easily meet this criterion.

4. Is Leafless In Seattle A RainWise-Authorized Contractor?

Yes, Leafless In Seattle is proud to be a RainWise-authorized installer in Puget Sound.

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