Rain Water Harvesting

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Rain Harvesting Is One Of THE Best Ways To Save
Time, Money, And Water In Puget Sound

Keep Your Lawn And Garden Green Without EVER Wasting Water.

Here in Puget Sound, over the course of our rainy season, we get MORE than enough precipitation to water all of our lawns and gardens. The only obstacle is collecting and storing it until it’s needed. With a rain cistern, you can!

Our rain water harvesting systems are quick and painless to install, and they can save A LOT of water. In fact, most homeowners have no problem watering their lawn or garden the entire year with the water collected. Logistically, there’s no downside, as they simply attach onto the end of your gutter spouts to collect water that would go to waste anyway.

While you cannot drink this water, it is perfect for watering any and all plants. Never worry about running the hose to water your summer vegetable garden again. Spring’s rainfall will more than have it covered.

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Rainwater Harvesting Rebates In Seattle

Installing a rainwater cistern may also qualify you for the RainWise rebate program. If you live in an eligible combined sewer overflow (CSO) basin and work with a RainWise-authorized contractor, there’s a good chance you qualify!

RainWise Rebate – Five Fast Facts:

1. RainWise is a partnership between the city of Seattle and King County.

2. The average RainWise rebate is $4,200.

3. Rainwater cistern rebates usually cover 50-100% of the total project cost.

4. A minimum of 400 sq ft of roof area must be captured to qualify for a RainWise rebate.

5. Leafless In Seattle is a proud RainWise-authorized contractor!

If you would like more information about RainWise rebates—and to see if your home qualifies for a rebate—visit the official RainWise webpage

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