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From MasterShield Gutter Protection To Seamless Gutter
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Gutters aren’t necessarily the most glamorous part of your home, but they serve a SUPER important function. They keep your entire home, from the roof to the foundation safe from water damage. Gig Harbor, like the rest of Puget Sound, gets a TON of rain during the wet season. If your gutters aren’t functioning their best, your home has to bear the brunt of the damage.

The problem is not all gutter protection is designed for the Pacific Northwest. In fact, most other gutter guard products aren’t. The only one that was specifically designed with Puget Sound in mind is MasterShield gutter protection. Between the copper micromesh filter and the sloping design, MasterShield enables you to NEVER have to clean your gutters again.

We Provide The Following Gutter And Gutter Protection Services
In Gig Harbor:

Specialized, Maintenance-Free Gutter Protection

While we do offer other types of gutter protection if the need arises, we believe MasterShield is truly the best gutter guard system for the vast majority of homes in Puget Sound. It functions longer and better than other designs and requires ZERO cleaning. End of story.

Precision Gutter Installation

Great gutter guards belong on gutters that are going to LAST. In our opinion, it’s a waste of time and money to install premium gutter protection on gutters that have at most three or four more years in them. If you do need new gutters alongside your new gutter guard system, we are here to help with seamless k-style gutters we can manufacture right at your home.

Rain Harvesting Systems

Gig Harbor homeowners are no strangers to rain. The problem is that it all falls in a matter of months. That’s why we recommend a rain cistern. They enable you to save and store all that rain water, so you can use it to water your lawn and garden throughout the year.

Why Choose Leafless In Seattle For YOUR Home’s Gutter Protection?

Superior Products

We don’t believe in putting cheap, flimsy, ineffective products on your home. It’s not that we’re snobby about it. We just have the experience to know that crummy brands and products DON’T do their job the way premium, specialized products do. From MasterShield to our Seamless K-Style gutters, ALL of our products and materials are designed to protect YOUR home.

Precision Installation

Each and every gutter and gutter guard system we install is done with meticulous precision and care. Gutter guards need to be installed precisely to do their job, and it really doesn’t take that much longer to do things the right way. Our technicians simply care enough to do things right.

Stress-Free Experience

We don’t want you to feel a moment of stress during your gutter inspection or installation process. We’re here to help you, so we want you to go about your business. We’ll take care of all the stressful parts of the process and leave you with a stellar, stress-free gutter protection system.

A Company You Can TRUST

Trust is the single most important value to us, which is why we make a point of being truthful and clear in everything we do. When we find something wrong with your gutter system or any other part of your home’s exterior, we tell you immediately. When we make a recommendation, it’s the one that’s best for YOUR home, never a one-size-fits-all sales pitch.

Our Core Values

We love helping Gig Harbor homeowners protect their home’s with gutter guards. It’s our passion to improve the lives of the homeowners we work with, and we strive every day to live our core values of Integrity, Trust, Respect, Enthusiasm, and Reliability.

Learn More About Gutter Health With Our Gutter Health Checklist

Don’t know what to look for when it comes to the health of your gutters and gutter protection? Turn to our helpful Gutter Health Checklist. It contains quick and easy tips for preventing gutter clogs and identifying signs of water damage.

Gutter Issues? No Problem.

If you think you need gutter protection or even new gutters, we would be honored to help. Just give us a call at 1-800-503-7597 or schedule an appointment with us online.

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