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Sometimes it’s easier to show than to tell. That’s why we put together this little collection of gutter health and gutter protection videos to help YOU, the Puget Sound homeowner.

Gutter Guards

MasterShield Happy Customer Happens to be a Roofer

Syndicated Newspaper Columnist Gutter Guard Review

MasterShield vs Oil, Syrup & Even Honey!

LeafFilter Fails within a Year with needles

MasterShield Animation

A REAL LeafFilter testimonial – you owe it to yourself

MasterShield TV Commercial

Gutter Helmet, NOT as Expected

Does MasterShield Handle a LOT of Rain?

Leaf Filter failure in the Mount Vernon, WA area. Algae, needles, and debris…oh my!

LeafFilter Gutter Guard better than nothing? Nope, it’s worse!

Don’t Cap a Bad Gutter in Washington State

EasyOn Gutter Guard from Home Depot/Costco

Gutter Helmet fails with Fir, every time

Gutter Helmet is terrible for your roof, especially with needles

Foundation Water Damage From Bad Gutters

LeafFilter with needles total failure

Roof Erosion & Damage from bad gutter design

Foundation undermined by a clogged gutter in Seattle

Leaffilter gutter guard in Tacoma, WA

LeafFilter failure after only TWO YEARS in Mountlake Terrace, WA area

Gutter Helmet leafguard failing with fir needles

Gutter Helmet with fir needles in Seattle, WA

Home Depot Gutter Guard trying but failing to work with fir needles

LeafFilter fine mesh bubbles up and separates

LeafFilter with Fir Needles

Leaf Filter tried larger mesh to avoid failure – didn’t work

Lack of proper gutter flashing causes serious siding damage

This is what gutter disease looks like

In depth LeafGuard comparison vs Leafless Gutters

LeafFilter Bubbles

Gutter Installation

Don’t Cap a Bad Gutter in Washington State

Foundation Water Damage From Bad Gutters

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