Photo Album: Clogged Gutters Get Gutter Guards Installed In Kirkland, WA

July 3, 2022
Case Study

The gutters on this home were full of needles, leaves, debris, and standing water. The flashing from the roof was falling off and there was algae and moss build up on the roof and in the gutters. The home was in desperate need of help!

The team at Leafless In Seattle was able to help the homeowner in numerous ways. First, the gutters were replaced and MasterShield was installed on all areas where the pitch of the roof was at least 4/12, on the area in the back that was flat, another product offered by Leafless was installed to keep out as much debris as possible. As for the moss and algae on the roof, that was treated. This home is now ready to take on the torrential rains this winter!

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