Photo Album: LeafFilter Failure In Mount Vernon, WA

March 26, 2022
Case Study

The LeafFilter gutter system and the MasterShield gutter system have a couple of similarities. Both consist of an aluminum frame with micro mesh technology, that is, however, where the similarities end. Just a few MAJOR differences between the two systems…

MasterShield is installed at the same pitch as your roof, the leaves, needles, and debris that come off your trees and roof just wash way instead of getting ‘stuck’ on the perfect shelf that LeafFilter creates when it is installed at a 90* angle. As you can see in these pictures, that creates a perfect breeding ground for algae and moss.

Hydro Vortex technology, a big idea and even bigger advantage for MasterShield! This technology is only available on the MasterShield gutter protection system. It redirects water through the micro mesh, siphoning through the gutter fast!

MasterShield is the only gutter protection system backed by a 100% no-clog, money-back guarantee. MasterShield believes so strongly in their product that they are willing to give you 100% of your money back in case of a clog! Just a few of many reasons why MasterShield is considered the best in the industry!

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