Micro Mesh Gutter Protection Is Not All The Same

April 21, 2023

Mastershield Keeps Your Gutters Clean And Clog-Free In Queen Anne, WA

Micro Mesh Gutter Protection Is Not All The Same: Here’s Why We’re Different

Choose Mastershield To Keep Your Gutters Leafless And Damage-Free In Queen Anne

A reliable and effective gutter protection system protects your Queen Anne property from the damaging effects of flooding gutters and overflows. However, not all micro mesh gutter guards are created equal. Leaf Filter and Mastershield, two of the most popular brands on the market, have significant differences that set them apart.

LeafFilter recently settled a class action lawsuit to address concerns over the accumulation of leaves, twigs, pollen, and other debris on its gutter filtration system. Meanwhile, Leafless In Seattle offers a “No Water Damage” guarantee for MasterShield gutter protection, protecting your home in the Seattle Area from the elements.

According to experts, the micromesh used in MasterShield gutter protection systems is crafted from a fine wire with a mesh opening of about 50 microns, effectively separating most of even the smallest debris from the rainwater as it flows down your roof, eliminating the risks of a gutter overflow.

The mesh collects water and channels it into your gutters, undergoing another filtration layer before draining down the spout. The 50-micron level filtration helps keep your gutter system clean and free from blockages caused by leaves, pine needles, and seeds-all smaller debris that can easily pass through other gutter guards.

Here’s what makes Mastershield different from other micro mesh gutter protection systems.

Copper-Infused Stainless Steel Mesh

Copper is a natural and safe antimicrobial agent that has been used for centuries for its ability to kill bacteria and other microorganisms. The filter material is designed to float in a specially formulated adhesive material infused with copper ions.

As rainwater flows over the filter, the copper ions are released – effectively killing off any algae, mold, or mildew spores that may be present and preventing them from taking hold and feeding on the surface of the guard.

In addition, a copper interweave of two copper strips along the micromesh filter without requiring the entire guard to be made of copper.

Sloped Design With HydroVortex Technology To Carry Debris Away

Unlike traditional gutter guards that lie flat on top of gutters, MasterShield is installed at an angle tailored to the specific roofing structure of a home. The patented HydroVortex technology enables it to capture and carry away even the tiniest debris, thanks to the tiny holes dotting the surface of the guard.

The holes are only half the width of a hair, but they are carefully designed to form centrifugal whirlpools. This design separates rainwater and debris, which flushes the debris away from the roof and into the gutter.

Furthermore, MasterShield uses metal instead of plastic for the casing – enhancing its durability and strength. The metal casing guarantees the guard won’t warp or buckle from heat, cold, or excessive moisture.

Custom Installation To Match Your Home

Leafless In Seattle can seamlessly integrate MasterShield onto your new or existing gutters based on their condition. Depending on your preference, we offer the flexibility of mounting the gutter guard directly onto the fascia or the gutter supports.

Our experts can utilize the built-in flashing to ensure a smooth and secure installation that blends perfectly with the roofline and maintains its integrity for decades, especially when a drip edge hasn’t been installed.

Unlike LeafFilter gutter guards – which screw on top of your gutters with plastic fasteners – MasterShield allows a unique “floating” installation method. Without any metal fastening or drilling, our experts can safely fasten the starter shingles to the first row of the main ones without screws.

No-Clog Guarantee For Life

With a no-clog guarantee, your gutters remain debris-free – protecting your home from water damage. We back it with a transferable lifetime product warranty, meaning that your gutters will remain clog-free, no matter who owns the house in the future.

MasterShield also offers up to a $1,500 refund for your insurance deductible if you experience water damage due to faulty guards.

Leafless In Seattle Offers Quality Craftsmanship With MasterShield Gutter Protection In Queen Anne, WA

In the Seattle-Tacoma Area, our experienced technicians have been protecting gutters from clogs for years, offering free assessments and precision installation with no strings attached. We strive to ensure that our customers’ homes are equipped with reliable protection that lasts many seasons.

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