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September 22, 2023
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At Leafless In Seattle, We Protect Your Entire Puget Sound Home, Not Just Your Gutters

If We Notice ANY Damage To Your Home, We Either Fix It Ourselves Or Send You To Someone Who Can.

We are the gutter and gutter protection specialists of Puget Sound.  There’s no doubt about it, but that doesn’t mean we ONLY care about your gutters.  In fact, when we notice ANY type of damage to your home, we will either notify you or fix it ourselves on the spot.

Why do we do this?

Because our goal isn’t just to maintain your gutter system but to actually protect and preserve your whole home for years to come.

If Something On Your Home Isn’t Up To Code, We Fix It

We’re sticklers about safety, warranties, and building codes, so if we notice a problem, we WON’T ignore it.

If it’s something we can easily fix ourselves, we will do that. If it’s something outside our wheelhouse, we will inform you of the issue and give you our best recommendations for getting it repaired.

For instance, if your gutters are loose, we’ll secure them. If your soffit, fascia, or flashing has deteriorated, we will gladly replace it for you.

We don’t do this because it makes us money. We do it because we genuinely care about protecting your home from all types of damage, not just damage to your gutters and gutter guards.

This helps to keep you and your family safe and prevents water and other elements from deteriorating your Seattle area home.  It’s why you can trust Leafless In Seattle with your whole house, not just your gutters.

Unlike The Competition, We Perform FULL Roof Inspections

Our inspections are extremely thorough. While most gutter protection companies focus only on your gutters–and sometimes do a poor job of that–we take the time to inspect your entire roof.

The benefits of a full roof inspection are MASSIVE. In fact, gutters aside, it is recommended that you get your roof inspected on a yearly basis.

Our technicians are knowledgeable and meticulous.  If they find ANYTHING wrong with your roof whatsoever, they will make note of it and inform you immediately.

Knowledge is power, when it comes to your roof. If you catch the problem early, you can fix it before it gets worse.

Fixing Flashing, Removing Rot, & Protecting Your Whole Home

Rot is one of the biggest enemies to your Seattle area home. With all the rain we get and how humid our air is, any wooden component of your home can rot if it’s not sealed and shielded from direct exposure to water.

When we do encounter rot, we remove it so the damage can’t spread and replace it with healthy wood. The same is true when we encounter badly installed, damaged, or missing flashing.

Without flashing, your roof and siding are going to be VERY susceptible to water damage, and we just can’t leave your home that way.

Even if it means replacing ALL the flashing on your home–and we have–we won’t stop until your home is protected from water damage. Period.

It’s all part of our precision installation process.  Some would call it perfectionism, but for us, it’s all in a day’s work as the gutter protection professionals of Puget Sound.

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