Why A Overflowing Gutter Is More Harmful Thank You Think

April 12, 2023
Dark Green Gutters on A Dark Green Roof.

Why Is An Overflowing Gutter More Harmful Than You Think?

Leafless In Seattle Can Help You With Gutter Guard Installation In Ravenna, Seattle

Gutters play an important role in diverting water from your home’s foundation. If they are clogged or damaged, water can pool around your home’s foundation and eventually cause cracking, leaks, and even basement flooding. Gutter guards can protect your gutters from leaves and debris that otherwise lead to clogged drains.

The risks associated with overflowing gutters are real, especially in the Seattle-Tacoma area, which records an average rainfall of around 39 inches higher than usual.

The good news is that installing gutter guards is a relatively simple and cost-effective way to protect your home from water damage.

Roof Damage Is More Than Just A Leak

When a gutter overflows, water collects and penetrates the roof, causing structural issues, rot, and water damage. During winter, ice dams can also prevent water from draining off a roof – leading to additional wear and leaks. 

Furthermore, water can harm the fascia and soffit boards that support your gutter system when it overflows the edge of your gutters, making them unstable and even separating them from your house.

Insects and Small Animals Can Invade Your Home

Clogged gutters can attract insects, small animals, and other pests to your home. These pests can enter through the openings in your eaves or even through the gutters themselves if they become blocked by debris. The presence of water and debris can form an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Slippery Surfaces Cause Safety Hazards

The risk of slips, trips, and falls increases if rainwater drips from a roof onto steps, driveways, or pathways. Injuries from falls can range from minor scrapes and bruises to more serious issues like broken bones.

In the winter, if the water freezes, it can create a slippery surface that is even more hazardous. Ice buildup can occur on sidewalks, driveways, and other surfaces, making it difficult for people to walk or drive safely.

Foundation Damage Happens When The Ground Shifts

When too much water accumulates around your home’s foundation, the ground can shift and cause cracks in concrete and block foundations. This can allow water to enter your basement or crawl space, leading to flooding and even mold growth.

The water pooling around the foundation seeps into the soil, causing the earth to shift and settle, creating cracks, leaks, and even foundation failure. In addition, gutter overflows can damage plants, erode garden beds, and remove mulch and topsoil.

Wall And Siding Damage Becomes The Silent Menace

Gutter overflows can cause water stains, paint to peel, and mold growth on walls by spraying water on them. If the home has wooden siding, water seeping into the cracks could lead to rot, warping, and insect infestation.

Even if a wall is made of stone or brick, ongoing moisture exposure can deteriorate the mortar, leading to shifting, cracking, and structural instability.

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