Why You Need MasterShield Gutter Protection

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MasterShield: The Only Gutter Protection
Built To Handle Puget Sound Weather

With MasterShield On Your Home, You’ll Never Clean
Your Gutters Again—GUARANTEED.

Are you tired of cleaning your gutters or having to shell out cash for someone else to do it? Installing premium gutter guards from MasterShield can save you time, money, and stress. Leafless In Seattle is the EXCLUSIVE installer of MasterShield Gutter Guards in the Puget Sound area.

MasterShield’s patented microfiltration technology keeps leaves and other debris from clogging your gutter while still allowing water to flow through your downspouts. MasterShield can be installed on new or existing gutters.

That being said, with a product this long-lasting, it’s a waste to put it on gutters that aren’t going to last for years to come.

When we say no other gutter guards on the market come close to the quality and performance of MasterShield, we mean it. MasterShield is consistently ranked as a top gutter protection system by leading consumer advocates and experts.

And when you factor in Puget Sound’s climate and evergreen debris, MasterShield is the ONLY option worth installing.

MasterShield’s micromesh gutter protection was first introduced by inventor Alex Higginbotham in 2001. Since then, MasterShield has continued to evolve, consistently providing homeowners with better technology and performance than ANY other gutter guard system.

MasterShield is a completely enclosed system that keeps out ALL debris, so your gutters remain maintenance-free for a lifetime.

Not only that, but the presence of the copper micromesh means that algae simply won’t grow on your gutter guards. That’s right, even in a wet climate, algae just won’t grow on copper. It’s our not-so-secret weapon for keeping your gutter guards algae-free.

Why You Need MasterShield Gutter Protection

Wood Damage

It’s no secret that water can absolutely DESTROY wood, which is why it’s so crucial that your gutters are properly moving water away from your windows, siding, soffit, and fascia.

Foundation Damage

Water pooling in and around your foundation can lead to MAJOR settling, sinking, and overall damage.

Insect Infestation

Moist, rotting wood is an ideal breeding ground for termites, carpenter ants, and more. So, unless you WANT those little guys around, you should make sure your gutters are clear and functioning.

Mold & Mildew

Water will always follow the path of least resistance. Unfortunately, if your gutters aren’t working properly, water and moisture will get into every nook and cranny. This creates an ideal environment for mold, mildew, and decay.


Don’t risk hurting yourself while trying to clean your gutters. Instead, trust Leafless In Seattle to handle all your gutter needs.

MasterShield Features And Benefits

Here’s an overview of MasterShield’s unique features and the benefits you can expect when you have this gutter protection system installed on your home.

MasterShield Fits The Exact Pitch Of Your Roof

Unlike other gutter guard products that sit flat, like a shelf, MasterShield is installed at the same angle as your roofline. This allows the filter to shed debris EASILY.

We can even match almost any roof or trim color, making them HANDS DOWN the most attractive gutter protection system on the market. They also don’t jut out or clash with your home’s aesthetic. MasterShield even looks great on homes with metal roofs.

Patented Hydrovortex Technology Stops Water From Overflowing

Being Puget Sound locals, we have had the chance to observe a MAJOR flaw in the design of other gutter guard systems during heavy rain. Either more debris ends up in the gutter, or there is too much water that overflows like a waterfall down to the ground. Needless to say, neither scenario is great.

Luckily, MasterShield’s HydroVortex technology sucks water down into the filter, making it the only product that works at the same angle as your roof.

Even though the holes in MasterShield gutter guards are only half the width of a hair, they are designed to form miniature whirlpools that siphon water into the gutter, no matter how much rain there is. This is yet another reason MasterShield works well even on metal roofs.

Their Leaf Release™ Non-Stick Surface Won’t Trap Debris

With other gutter guard systems, wet debris clings to the cover surface and follows water into the gutter, causing clogs. Regular gutter cleaning is the ONLY way to prevent debris buildup. MasterShield is different. Their patented Leaf Release surface allows debris to dry and blow away faster. This prevents clogs and keeps insects and birds from making their nests in your gutters.

Custom Installation To Fit YOUR Needs

Every home is unique and requires a different gutter solution. The good news is MasterShield gutter guards can be installed to fit YOUR needs. Here are just a few examples:

  • We can install new gutters or use existing gutters (if they are in good condition)
  • We can install MasterShield to mount directly on the fascia
  • We can mount MasterShield to the gutter supports
  • We can utilize the built-in flashing on the back fin of the system to help protect your roof (this is especially helpful in cases where a drip edge hasn’t been installed)

No-Clog Warranty Offers Lifetime Peace of Mind

MasterShield GUARANTEES that your gutters won’t clog. That’s why they offer a transferable lifetime product warranty on ALL their gutter guard systems. That’s a level of confidence few manufacturers come close to.

Preventing water damage is the reason why you have gutters in the first place, right? Well, MasterShield is the only company that offers up to a $1,500 refund to cover your insurance deductible if the system causes water damage to your home.

Specialized MasterShield Technology

MasterShield manufactures gutter guards and gutter heaters for your exterior home improvement needs. MasterShield’s innovative microfiltration technology saves homeowners time, effort, and money. Their gutter guards are American-made and all raw materials are sourced from companies in the United States.

Gutter Guards To Keep Out Fir
And Pine Needles

Pine and fir needles can be a MAJOR problem for your gutters. They have a tendency to clog your gutters VERY quickly. MasterShield gutter guards are an ideal solution if you’re dealing with pine needles.

Most gutter guards have large openings that allow debris to become trapped in the gutter guard. MasterShield’s gutter guards are different because they are made with a non-stick, surgical grade stainless steel microfilter that will not allow needles or other debris to get stuck.

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Gutter Guards

If you’re worried about icicles and ice dams ruining your gutters or roof, MasterShield’s heated gutter guards might be the perfect solution.

With Ice Shield, you can heat an area as small as the awning above an entrance way or as long as an entire gutter run. The heat cable prevents ice in your gutters and ice dams on your roof while allowing water to flow through gutters that would normally freeze solid.

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Gutter Guards

MasterShield’s copper gutter guards are made with a stainless steel filter that floats in a special adhesive in a copper body. Copper ions will wash over the filter, killing algae, mold and mildew spores.

No other gutter protection system can prevent algae growth. As an added bonus, our newest patent also has a copper interweave that gives you two copper strips along the micromesh. This implements copper without requiring the whole guard to be made of it.

This makes it a very affordable alternative with the same great benefits for your home! The copper actively breaks down all organic matter: roof tar, tree sap, pollen, mold, and black algae, keeping the micromesh screen free flowing for years.

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