Benefits Of Rainwater Harvesting Systems For Your Ravenna, WA Home

August 4, 2023

Upgrade Your Ravenna, WA Home With A Cutting-Edge Rainwater Harvesting System

From Helping The Environment To Lowering Your Utility Bill – Rainwater Harvesting Systems Upgrade Any Home

Like most Ravenna, WA homeowners, you probably wouldn’t mind saving a few dollars on your monthly utility bills. And while you may already have measures in place to conserve water inside your home, have you thought about outside your home? 

Rainwater harvesting systems can easily help you save money and offer many other benefits. Imagine having the greenest lawn in the neighborhood and not having to pay for a drop of water!

Read on to learn everything these systems have to offer.

Rainwater Harvesting Systems Provide Water For Your Garden Or Lawn

One of the primary benefits of rainwater harvesting is having a steady supply of water to care for your yard or garden. Instead of hooking up the hose and raising your water bill, you can use this freely-captured water to maintain your landscaping.

While the rainwater isn’t fit for human consumption, it’s perfect for soaking, giving your plants and grass a constant water source. Additionally, this water source is nearly free – once you invest in the system, it will pay for itself in savings

When you combine your gutters and rainwater harvesting system with ideal gutter protection, you’ll always have filtered water for your around-the-house needs. 

Additionally, if there is ever any water usage regulation from the public system, it doesn’t include collected water. So, if you spent your spring collecting rainwater, you could still water your lawn or garden in this situation.

Reducing Stormwater Runoff In The Seattle Area

While your gutters are great at directing rainwater away from your home, have you ever considered where that runoff goes? When the Seattle Area experiences heavy rainfall (ahem… always), it can cause excessive runoff from properties, which can cause major problems.

If you’ve used pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizer on your landscaping, the water can easily carry those contaminants to bodies of water. As those lakes, streams, and rivers become contaminated, our drinking water could also become contaminated.

But when you add a rainwater harvesting system to your property, you can significantly reduce the amount of runoff from your property. You’ll make a hugely positive impact on the environment in your immediate area.

Rainwater Harvesting Systems Are Easy To Relocate Or Expand As Needed

While a rainwater harvesting system might sound complicated to install – the process is actually relatively straightforward. With an easy setup, you’ll be on your way to collecting all the water you need in no time. Additionally, these systems can be established nearly anywhere – whether you live in an urban, suburban, or rural area. 

These systems are also highly customizable, even after they’re installed. If you need to expand your system, it can be done painlessly. It can also be completely reconfigured for an entirely new setup. So, if you need to move your downspouts, your system can easily be moved with them.

Solving Drainage Problems At Your Ravenna, WA Home

While a healthy gutter system will divert damaging rainfall away from your foundation, the downside of this is that if you have drainage problems in other areas of your property, it can be a major issue. If you notice water pooling or causing damage to your landscaping, you can confidently conclude that you may have drainage troubles.

Rainwater harvesting can reduce the runoff that contributes to water backups. This will also help reduce erosion and the destruction of the landscape you worked so hard to perfect.

RainWise Rebates For Seattle Area Homeowners

Installing a rainwater harvesting system doesn’t have to be expensive with the rebate program from RainWise. To qualify, you’ll need to choose a RainWise-certified installer, like Leafless In Seattle, and be in an eligible combined sewer overflow basin.

The RainWise Program offers rebates up to $4.00 per square foot of your overall controlled rooftop runoff. Homeowners’ average rebates are $4,200, typically covering 50-100% of installation costs. 

For The Best Rainwater Harvesting Systems In Ravenna, WA, Turn To Leafless In Seattle

Rainwater harvesting is an ideal way to save money for your non-potable water needs at your Ravenna, WA home. Choose a company that will deliver a stress-free experience during your installation.

At Leafless In Seattle, we’re more than just skilled at our services – we’re respectful, courteous, and kind. We’ll take the time to meet your specific needs, not just take a blanket approach to any situation.

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