Gutter Protection By Real Employees, NOT Subcontractors

September 26, 2023
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Only Our Trained Employees Will Work On Your Puget Sound Gutter Guard Project

At Leafless In Seattle, We Never Employ Subcontractors To Install Our High-Quality Products.

If you’ve dealt with many Seattle area contractors, you’d know our careful, meticulous approach is not the standard.  In fact, many gutter protection companies in Puget Sound use subcontractors to install and maintain their products.

Not us. At Leafless In Seattle, we believe in sending only skilled, trusted technicians that we’ve had the opportunity to train ourselves. All of our techs are real employees and most of them have been with us for years.

We believe this is the right way to do things, and we have some solid reasons for feeling this way….

Trusted, Well-Trained Employees Mean Better Workmanship

Perhaps the most obvious reason you’re better off with skilled installers is quality control.

Most subcontractors are trained to do general maintenance work and construction…but that doesn’t mean they know ANYTHING about installing MasterShield gutter guard products.

This means that they’re highly likely to make mistakes that can cause the system to fail and can even void your warranty.

Our installation standards are different.  ALL our employees do is install, maintain, and inspect gutter and gutter protection systems–Monday through Friday.

They know our techniques and materials like the back of their hands. Everyone works together to ensure GREAT results and a gutter system that functions well and protects your home.

Shady Companies Will Push The Blame Onto Their Subcontractors If Something Goes Wrong

One BIG reason to avoid gutter companies that rely on subcontractors is liability in the event of damage to your home.

If an employee of a company damages your home, you have some recourse for getting them to take responsibility.

By comparison, if your gutter protection company used subcontractors, they can blame the damage on their subs and walk away without paying a dime towards fixing your home.

It leaves you and the subcontractor trapped in a lengthy, unpleasant dispute, while the company responsible gets away scot-free.

Believe it or not, this is a real issue that Seattle area homeowners have to face, and more often than not, there is no satisfactory resolution.

Long Story Short: In-House Technicians Beat Subcontractors. Period.

There’s really no question, our approach is better than the competition’s. Here’s a quick re-cap:

  1. In terms of quality control, trained employees get better results than subcontractors.
  2. Unskilled, untrained workers can damage your home during the installation process.
  3. If your home does become damaged, a company (like Leafless In Seattle) with real employees will be accountable for it. If they were using subcontractors, they can wriggle out of paying for damages and leave you holding the bag.

We care about our employees AND our customers.  That’s why we make a point of taking care of both.

The results are happy customers, properly protected homes, and employees who are able to make a great living helping Seattle homeowners.

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