Gutter Guards Protect Your Puget Sound Foundation

November 6, 2023
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In addition to protecting your siding, roof, soffit, and more, quality gutter guard products from MasterShield are vital for protecting your foundation.

Functioning, Clog-Free Gutters & Gutter Guards
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Foundation Damage Is One Of THE Worst Forms Of Water
Damage & MasterShield Gutter Guards Can Prevent It.

Home improvement and repairs can get expensive, and it makes sense to want to save money. That said, cutting corners with regards to your Puget Sound gutters and gutter protection is a recipe for DISASTER.

Your gutters have an important job to do. They move the LARGE amounts of water that falls on your Seattle area home safely to the ground below. Even MORE importantly, they move that water AWAY from your foundation and towards an acceptable drainage system.

That’s why proper gutter protection is so crucial to keeping your foundation safe, stable, and intact.

Cutting Corners On Gutter Protection Will NOT Save You Money

We’ll say it again, do NOT cut corners when it comes to your gutters and gutter protection. Your MasterShield gutter guards will MORE than pay for themselves by preventing future damage.

Gutter protection is necessary to prevent water from collecting in and around your home’s foundation. Without functioning gutter protection, clogs are an inevitability, and most gutter guards can’t even prevent it.

That’s why we specifically install MasterShield as opposed to other gutter guards. Their innovative micromesh filter prevents the growth of mold and algae, and their angled design allows debris to roll right off your roof.

Clogged Gutters Are Worse Than Not Having Them At All

It’s easy to assume that having gutters is enough to divert water away from your foundation and keep it safe from sinkage, wood rot, and all the other problems that come with having a water-logged foundation.

Unfortunately, gutters that aren’t properly protected will QUICKLY clog and leave you no better off than if you didn’t have them. In fact, it can concentrate the overflow of water right where you don’t want it!

Plus, unless you get regular inspections, you may not even KNOW that your gutters are clogged until it’s too late and the damage is done.

That’s why–in addition to only installing high-quality gutter products–we also recommend getting your roof and gutters inspected once or twice a year.

Will Not Having Gutters Ruin My Foundation?

So, will not having gutters ruin your foundation?

The short answer is…YES.

Not only will your foundation be at MUCH greater risk for flooding and other damage, but your entire home will be susceptible to foundation cracks, water damage, wood rot, and Seattle’s favorite: pests!

On the other hand, if you have a functioning gutter system protected by MasterShield gutter guards, you won’t have to worry about a thing.

MasterShield systems are designed to require no cleaning, and if somehow they do clog, we’ve promised to come back and clean them for you. That’s our No-Clog Guarantee.

At Leafless In Seattle, we care about protecting your whole home–from the foundation to the roof–and we are DEDICATED to making sure your gutters do their job.

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