We DON’T Install Leaf-Free Gutters In Puget Sound

November 6, 2023
Case Study
A photo of a gutter that has been clogged with fir needles and a fir cone.

Here’s Why We DON’T Recommend Leaf-Free

Leaf-Free Gutters Are Just Plain Ineffective Compared
To MasterShield Gutter Guard Products.

Everyone wants to save money, and everyone wants to protect their home. That’s why many Puget Sound homeowners have begun asking about leaf-free gutter systems.

As Greater Seattle’s gutter protection experts, we thought we’d weigh in on whether or not leaf-free gutters are worth it.

What are leaf-free gutters, anyway?

Leaf-free gutters are gutters also known as a reverse curve system used to keep leaves out of gutters. Sounds great, right?

Unfortunately, in our experience they’re just not effective at blocking the type of debris we encounter here in the Pacific Northwest.

Are Leaf-Free Gutters Worth It?

So, are leaf-free gutters worth it?

The short answer is…no. At the end of the day, the gutter protection equipment that is built into these gutter systems is simply ineffective at blocking evergreen needles and dealing with our region’s heavy rainfall.

They just can’t compare to MasterShield gutter guards when it comes to preventing clogs and keeping your home safe from water damage.

For one thing, the holes in Leaf Guard or Helmet Gutter type of gutter guards that come built into these gutters are too large to keep out even a minimal amount of fir and pine needles.

What you get with a leaf-free system is overpriced gutters with subpar gutter guards that just happen to be built in.

Why MasterShield Gutter Guards Do A MUCH Better Job

We’ve said it before, but MasterShield is THE best gutter protection product available for homeowners in the Seattle area.

While the leaf-free gutters MAY block SOME of the leaf debris, they won’t catch much if any evergreen needles. MasterShield keeps out all debris large and small.

Plus, they also aren’t designed to be installed at an angle, the way our MasterShield gutter protection systems are.

With a leaf-free gutter system, you will inevitably have to clean your gutters because they WILL end up clogged.

On the other hand, MasterShield comes with our Lifetime No-Clog Guarantee, which guarantees a clog-free gutter system for the lifespan of your gutters.

Why All-In-One Isn’t Always A Good Thing

At the end of the day, buying your gutters and gutter protection all-in-one isn’t always the best idea. That said, leaf-free gutters are not the only option if that’s what you want. Because we install both seamless gutters and top-tier gutter protection from MasterShield, you don’t have to pick between the two.

We can attach the gutter guards to the seamless gutter segments during the install. This saves money and installation time, and once you have them, you are protected for the full lifespan of your gutters.

Not only that, but our gutter systems contain a copper micro-mesh filter that prevents the growth of mold and algae. You simply won’t get that with ANY leaf-free gutter system.

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